Why is The Mirror wasting it’s money paying Journalists who don’t do the proper research?0

The Mirror a “newspaper” apparently, ran a story this morning asking why the NHS is “wasting” money on treating transgender kids, and asked it’s readers to vote on whether the NHS should be spending this money.  At the time of writing this 4.42pm 9th April, the votes for yes we’re 67% yes against 33% no, and that’s pretty clear cut that most of the people who voted believe the NHS should be treating these kids.

So why do I accuse the journalist in this case of bad research?  Well, she says that this money is wasted on this service and compares it to other services she views as a waste of money ie fat people getting gastric bands to help them lose weight so they don’t get diabetes as they’re apparently too lazy to exercise and too greedy to stop shoveling food down their throat – I’m overweight, have been as long as I can remember, I’m also diabetic and know that one can lead to the other and if someone is diabetic and it hasn’t been diagnosed / controlled for whatever reason, they can be overweight with type 2, and underweight with type 1.  I’m still overweight, but since being diagnosed and treated, my weight has come down to a more manageable healthy level.  As for women with small boobs, that can affect your mental well being.  I don’t think that Josie Cunningham should have been given NHS treatment for bigger boobs just so she could be a glamour model though, if she needed them for that kind of job, she should have paid for them and claimed them as an expense (mind, just do a google search on here if you don’t know who she is, she’s the woman that was going to have an abortion just so she could go into the Celebrity Big Brother house – I’m pro-choice, but it has to be a good valid reason right?)

If these kids really are trans, then they’ll probably carry on in the system to some degree.  If they’re not, then they’re going to get the help to discover why they feel the way they do.  Ignoring the situation is only going to store up trouble for later on in life.  Dealing with it now in a sensible way is best for everyone.

To put it another way.  In the UK, the legal drinking age is 18, so until then it’s kinda a forbidden thing, and forbidden things are always more exciting, so we drink before the age of 18 down the park drinking 3 litre bottles of cidre with your mates after school and then legally binging in pubs on a weekend getting pist and causing all kinds of trouble.  In countries like France and Spain, wine is served with most meals, it’s a cultural thing yes, but it makes it no big thing, so no binging as an adult.

I wish I could have spoken to someone, anyone when I was growing up as a kid.  I spent over 15 years alone, scared, worried what people would think.  Whether I would have transitioned at that age or not I don’t know, it’s was the mid 1980’s so highly doubtful that I would have, but to have been able to discuss my feelings and try to work out the whys would have been an amazing help.  Instead I was limited to shows on TV, newspaper articles which we’re badly done and shaming.

We all want a better life for the next generation, so please don’t repeat the mistakes of the past.


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  1. #1 by Jenny-Anne Christine Bishop on April 9, 2015 - 6:15 pm

    Really good riposte to the dreadful rubbish in the mirror, spectator and nearly as bad – The Mail
    Thank you

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