I need to poo poo something.

In my house, I have 1 bathroom.  It has a bath with shower, a toilet and a sink.  When I need to have a bath, I fill the bath with water and have a bath.  When I need a shower, I pull the curtain across the rail and have a shower.  When I need to wash my hands or brush my teeth, I wash my hands or brush my teeth, and when I need to pee or poo, I pee or poo.

When I’m away from home and I need to do any of the above, I do any of the above in a very similar if not identical way, and I suspect that most other people do the same.  What I don’t do when I’m away from home, is assault someone when I go into toilets or changing rooms that are shared with other people.  If I we’re to do that, I would be breaking the law, and should be punished to the full extent of the law.  Laws like the ones being proposed in the USA in the below article, wouldn’t be a get out of jail card, as if I assaulted someone, I’d have still assaulted someone and broken the law.  If I we’re to break the law and assault someone, does anyone really think I wouldn’t worry about breaking another law?  “Oh, I can’t go in those toilets to assault someone and break the law, because I’d be breaking the law if I went into those toilets”.  You see how stupid that sounds?

As a transwoman, I’ve more chance of being assaulted, whichever toilets I use, so at least grant me the dignity or respect or whatever the hell the right word is, and just let me go friggin’ pee or poo before I pee or poo myself, that’s all I ask.

Statistics Show Exactly How Many Times Trans People Have Attacked You in Bathrooms


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