Is motherhood a privilege?

Why I thought this post would be anything different than “ooh, poor women being downtrodden by evil men” is beyond me, so I’ll answer the question I thought was being asked first.

Is Motherhood a privilege? – When compared to “male privilege” or “white privilege”, then no, I don’t believe it is, as that implies you are in a better position as a parent than a non-parent. Is parenthood a right? No, you no more have the right to be a parent than you have the right to drive, or to a job. You choose to be a parent (for the most part), so it’s a privilege in the traditional meaning of the word.

No, as for the usual “ooh poor women” blah blah blah. FFS! Adults have free will. We can do what we want within the laws of the country we’re in (yes in some countries some laws need changing but that’s for another blog post). Stop winging that “ooh the patriarchy is stopping me from doing this” or “the patriarchy is stopping me from doing that”, bollocks to the patriarchy, if you want to do something, it’s not illegal, no one’s going to get hurt or injured, then what the fuck is stopping you??? Honestly, if there’s someone you want to do or feel you need to do then fucking do it and stop complaining, and before anyone bangs on anymore about patriarchy, ask yourself, “can I vote?” and if you can, that’s because people stood up for their and your rights against oppression, and they most likely had bigger, badder oppression to deal with.

The Prime Directive

This is likely to be a disputed position, but Forest Green Feminism believes so, and argues her point. She is very careful to point out that she does not deny male privilege or the fact that motherhood is a form of compliance, but she argues that beyond that motherhood does confer privilege over non-mothers.

First, the aggrandizement of motherhood is really about the favoring of sons — their creation, their nurture, their ultimate elevation into the power structure as high as they can go based on other factors, like race, class, and their own level of conformity. It is the duty of mothers to raise acculturated sons. Rape and male violence (down the hierarchy) are culturally-accepted norms. Mothers are to defend their sons against charges of rape and other forms of violence against ‘lessers,’ usually women but also marginalized men. And mothers do!

When I suggest that women’s loyalties…

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