Et tu, Owen Jones?

Oh ffs! This is another blog post I gave up reading halfway through simply due to my “bullshit circuits” threatening to go into meltdown. Here’s some facts for you firewomon, there is only one letter “o” im woman or women, just because you are far too childish to accept that there’s the word “man” or “men” in the word that is used to describe, doesn’t let you off from making an obvious spelling mistake. For any Americans reading this, there is also a letter “u” in the word “colour”, it’s called English, and we invented it.
Fact – transwomen are biologically male (or most will be). Biological washing powder is mainly white, non-biological washing powder is mainly white. if you have 2 piles sat side by side of them, you’re not going to be able to tell the difference unless you run some chemical tests on them. WE KNOW we are biologically more male than female, we don’t need some random feminist lesbian blogger reminding us of that every 5 minutes.
Fact – if a lesbian doesn’t want to be intimate with me, I don’t want to be intimate with her, if she does, then let’s get this party started. If she doesn’t want to be intimate with me because she doesn’t find me attractive, I piss her off somehow, we just don’t get on – I can live with that. If she doesn’t want to be intimate with me because she see’s me as a man, or she’s an asshole, or some other similar reason, then yes, she is being a bigot, that’s what bigotry means. I had a girl ask me the other day on a dating app “do you like black girls?” and I was appalled that in the 21st century someone should have to be asking that. I told her that colour wasn’t an issue for me, but as she was only 21 and I’m 40, age would be. Does that make me ageist? Maybe, but I’ve dated someone over ten years younger than me, and I really liked her, but I felt so old as a result, so my reason is not based in ignorance or bigotry.
Fact – you either do not get that trans women are women, or you refuse to get that trans women are women, or you’re being an asshole or something similar, and to that I say to
YOU CAN KISS MY BIG FAT PALE WHITE ASS for all I care of your opinion, and seeing as we all have an ass…

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