“Transparent” and the Petulance of the Trans Community

I’ve not seen transparent yet, but I intend to when I get time off work in a few weeks time. I totally understand the argument that trans people should play the roles of transpeople on screen, but there aren’t that many transpeople to fill the roles, and this is after all, acting.

In the UK a few years ago, we had a trans drama where the lead character was also a hitman (or should they be hitwoman, it just doesn’t sound as “right” as saying hitman though). So the main character killed people for money, was pre-op, and discovered that she had fathered a child in an earlier relationship. The actress playing the part wasn’t trans, and I’m fine with that, no problem whatsoever, but the company making the show did a search for a trans actor the year before, and then they hired a non-trans actor, which to me felt as though they were just humouring the trans community. Anyway, I watched the 1 series they made, it wasn’t ground breaking, just your average Tuesday night 9pm show, that ended on a bit of a cliffhanger. What bugged me a lot when watching the show though, was this character WAS planning to have lower surgery, had saved the money, but seemingly didn’t have enough money. Sex / gender reassignment surgery isn’t all that expensive, even from the surgeons who charge the higher amounts.

I think that when you do any kind of show or film, you should properly research the subject, and try to be as truthful as possible, or at least stick to your own rules of the game for shows like “The Walkking Dead”, where you can’t exactly do the relevant research.

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