mansplaining and transplaining defined

Mmmm, is that the video where Cathy shouts “are you fucking kidding me” like some petulant child at bedtime, and not actually her being assaulted by anyone, but opposing groups of people arguing with each other? I call that debate, not assault. Personally, I prefer the video where she gets kicked out of a London pub for being an odious and offensive person.



mansplanation:  rape is just forced sex, because any time a man puts his dick in something, it’s sex.  for him.  yes it is!  yes it is!  yes it is!  yes it is infinity

reality = rape is the violent enforcement by men of women’s sex role as fuckholes for men and breeders.

mansplanation/transplanation (it’s both!)  transwomen are women, because as far as men are concerned, women are just castrated, defective men, and at any rate women are so inconsequential and ethereal that they literally have no properties.  yes they are!  yes they are!  yes they are!  yes they are infinity

reality = women are not castrated, defective men.  women are adult humans, female variety.

transplanation:  i look male, sound male, am, actually, male, am threatening like a male, you can smell my maleness on me, i’m trying my hardest to shut you the fuck…

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  1. #1 by oopster74 on February 4, 2015 - 9:42 pm

    And here is my favourite video of Cathy Brennan being ejected from a London pub.

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