Why I don’t agree with the article – ‘Becoming a Woman: Trans Women and Male Violence’.

Thank you for this. While I do t agree with it all, you put your arguement in a respectful way (I mean not wanting to offend anyone).

Yes women and transwomen are different, we have different beginnings, histories and different issues. If you take as literal what some transwomen say about their experience, then of course you may feel upset or offended, but when we have the limited vocabulary that we currently do, how else can you describe what you’re feeling?

I am a transwoman (before someone outs me to your blog). I’m not going to introduce myself as Sarah the transwoman, anymore than I would introduce myself as Sarah the woman. When people see me, I hope they see me as a woman, and treat me as such. If they treat me otherwise, well it depends how they treat me, but if they treate badly, then I respond in an appropriate way, the same way is expect anyone to respond.

I can’t tell you that I “feel like a woman”, anymore than any woman can. I can tell you I feel better being percieved as a woman, living as a woman, and the rest that goes with it, but isn’t feminsm about being able to be who you are, without someone telling you what you can and can’t be?

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First of all I want to make it clear that this is not a personal attack Caroline Criado-Perez. I just don’t agree with many aspects of her article:

‘Becoming a Woman: Trans Women and Male Violence’.


Though our views may vary, I understand that feminism encompasses differing views and strategies. I do however believe in healthy debate within feminism on subjects and a right to differ. I do understand her views were based on personal experience and respect that. However, as an influential writer, I also find they somewhat endorse an existing dangerous and damaging precedent.

As I’ve said before where ever you stand on ‘the trans issue’ within feminism, you cannot deny difference. Women and transwomen ARE different, whether in terms of socialisation, health, biology, social/political history and so on. The experience of being a woman is not something transwomen will ever know, nor vice versa. It is…

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