A Case Study in How heterosexual male Pretendbians destroy lesbian events

GM, obviously it’s upto you if you approve this post on your blog, but I’m reblogging with my 2 cents anyway.

It’s important that all members of this club feel comfortable with the sleeping arrangements. I don’t know why there’s the need to share beds though, sharing rooms I can understand. It’s not just a case of lumping or leaving it for those that don’t feel comfortable sharing with a trans woman, they’re feelings have to be taken into account too, but would we feel the same if they made similar comments about someone’s race, colour, or religious beliefs? I know personally from attending various student union events in the UK, that there are organisations like the YMCA that have dormitory accomodation and single / twin / bunk bed rooms, and I’m sure the situation must be similar where this group visits. Alternatively, camping out can be a fun activity, and once you’ve bought a tent and a sleeping bag, that’s pretty much the expensive bit over and done with (I’ve personally only went camping once with my ex, and we had 2 double inflatable mattresses, sleeping bags, led lighting and a 12 volt leisure battery to power other things like mobile phone chargers).

It’s a tricky situation, but it’s not without it’s options for a happy resolution.



I need advice and solutions on sleeping arrangements with cis and trans women (self.asktransgender)
submitted 11 hours ago by oogiewoogie

I have a sensitive issue that I need some advice on. I belong to a growing LGBTQ club in my city that goes on out of town trips. I plan the rooms and accommodation for the ladies which involve shared beds, in rooms of 2 or 4.
I know many of the cis lesbians that go on these trips, and while they are supportive of trans rights, many of them are nervous being alone in a room as them, let alone sharing a bed. I am disappointed that transphobia exists even in the LGBT community but it does exist. Yes, I know our members need to be educated, but as you know, that will take time and not happen overnight. So please do not berate me on running a…

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