Trans Rights are Penis Rights!

OMG FFS! I can’t tell who is being more stupid here. I’m no fan of GM here, but FFS! Can’t we all just treat each other with a little respect and dignity, and then maybe, we won’t have the problems in life that we have. If someone treats you badly, they’re an idiot, if you respond just as badly, you’re an idiot too. That doesn’t mean that turning the other cheek or just ignoring them is the best option, but don’t stoop to the level of idiots. If you have a valid point or argument, it’ll stand on it’s own merits. How someone else chooses to live their life, has nothing to do with me / you etc, unless it involve me / you / etc. Me being on a diet, doesn’t affect anyone but me for example. If while dieting I’m punching someone in the arm repeatedly (why I’d be doing that I’ve no idea), then tell me to stop, tell me I’m an idiot, tell the person I’m hitting that they shouldn’t put up with it. If what I’m doing has nothing to do with you, keep your nose out, and vice versa etc. Hope that makes sense.


Miranda Raven's Penis Rights MANifesto Miranda Raven’s Penis Rights MANifesto

Miranda Raven, the complainant: Women are oppressing the rights of his dick. Whaaa! Miranda Raven, the complaintant: Women are oppressing the rights of his dick. Whaaa!

Oh the huMANNNNNity! Oh the huMANNNNNity!

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