Sick of privilege

A week or so ago I had a twitter argument with someone over a job in London that had advertised for a position and we’re only considering people from a non-white background. Someone had complained that this was racist, which it is, but others had complained about him complaining about it. Let’s just get this one fact out there so there’s no misunderstanding, discrimination is discrimination regardless of what you want to call it. The job advertised was a trainee position, an apprenticeship I think for a newspaper / journalist position or similar, I can’t remember what right now, but that’s not important. A job is a job, and the colour of your skin, the sex / gender of your body, you’re sexuality, your religion* (in most cases), does not make you any more or any less qualified for a job (* someone who’s a Christian wouldn’t really bu suitable for a job as a Muslim Cleric, and a Muslim wouldn’t really be suitable for a job as a Christian Priest etc) Your suitability for any job, should be are you qualified for the position, how you interview for the position, and that’s it, nothing more, nothing less. Now this twitter argument I got into, I assume was with a black American male who was all for “positive-discrimination”, you know because of how black people we’re treated for a good couple hundred years in America. Well, how is that my fault how people 100+ years ago in another country we’re treated? I’m no more responsible for that than he is. I should be no more punished for something I didn’t do or have any possibility of changing, than he should be rewarded or helped for something that happened to someone else he never knew before he was born 100+ years ago. He made all these assumptions about me, and I could tell that he assumed that I also lived in the USA, that I was white (I am) and that life must be a bed of roses for me because I have white-privilege. I come from one of the most deprived areas of England, the north east. Our industry went under Thatcher’s government in the 1980’s. She took milk away from infant school children (and we wonder why our kids are too fat and unhealthy today). Our infrastructure is crumbling. Flash new houses sit where the shipyards used to be. The Vaux brewery has been reduced to rubble. The leisure centre in the heart of town has gone because the local council couldn’t afford it, but they could afford to build a new olympic size regular swimming pool. The leisure centre pool wasn’t somewhere you’d go for a serious swim, but it got kids interested in swimming and they could then head over to the other large swimming pool a bus ride away. All in all, my life has been no bed of roses. I left school at age 16 with bugger all qualification moving schools in the middle of my gcse year so had no chance of doing well.

So, why should someone get extra help just because of their skin colour? They shouldn’t. That’s making major assumptions about their life and the lives of other people that these kinds of decisions affect. Yes I’m a white woman, but I’m a white trans-woman, so I’m more of a minority than he is but am I asking for extra privileges because of that? No. I just want people not to be dicks and treat each other properly, then we wouldn’t have half the problems we do in this world.

So, am I sick of privilege? What fucking privilege? Just quit your moaning and get on with your life, as you’ve only got one.

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