Gas Mark Six

I’m sorry that you’ve experienced what you’ve described. His behaviour as you you describe is totally unnaceptable and only thinking of himself. The way you describe him though, he sounds more like a transvestite / cross dresser than a transsexual woman. I’ve met tv’s / cd’s similar to him, and while they we’re nice enough people, they do tend to rely on steretypes.
I’m a transsexual woman. I don’t live my life according to stereotypes, I live it how I think is best for me. I mainly wear jeans and t-shirt (ok I’m wearing a long maxi-dress at the mo’, but I’m melting in this current heat, and it’s actually quite cooling – the window is wide open and the ceiling fan on full blast and I’m still melting though).
Whoever you’re partner is, unacceptable behaviour is unnaceptable behaviour. I know it’s easy for me to say and for you in hindsight, but you should have gotten out of that situation long ago (I have been in what might be considered an abusive relationship, I’m not making excuses for him when I say he had certain mental health issues, but maybe trying to compare it to someone who develops an Alzheimer like condition who can get abusive, they don’t mean it, but it’s still abuse).
You have my sympathy on this. Might I suggest you set up a group like the kind you we’re looking for at the time to help others in a similar situation.


Here’s something I wrote when I was asked to speak alongside Sheila Jeffreys, who was speaking about her book “Gender Hurts”, about how transgenderism harms women. In the end, I didn’t say all this, but for those of you who are interested, here it is..

“For the longest of time I told no-one. It is only in the past few years that I have found the words to describe my experience. Thank you, Sheila Jeffreys, and the Radical Feminist community of bloggers for the gift of words.

I used to have an online friend (also a partner of a man who thought he was a woman) who likened the experience of being partnered to a transgender to the frog who is put into the pot of water and the heat gradually turned up till cooked – a deliberate programme of de-sensitisation as each limit is compromised or ignored, and each line…

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