Fascists are made, not born.

I don’t know a lot of the reasons for the second world war, but I know the excuses we’re the debts Germany we’re still paying from the first world war, and the scapegoats we’re many, ie anyone who wasn’t a blue eyed, blonde and I imagine a certain height, German, which Hitler was none of anyway. Hitler was thankfully, part of a minority, but he spun his lies so that the majority believed it and was swept up in it, and by the time those that did realise did, it was too late, others never did realise leaving us with people that deny that things like the holocaust happened, I mean, that is something so horrible, that it seems beyond belief that it could be allowed, in fact co-ordinated to happen, but there’s plenty of evidence it did, and there’s plenty of examples of it happening elsewhere. After 9/11 in the USA, you had George Bush Jnr rallying the people in similar ways to Hitler, ie exploiting the situation to suit his needs etc. We need to be vigilant to prevent these things happening, but not to the point where we lose our freedoms in an effort to protect those very same freedoms.

The Prime Directive

“Hitler, like every other child, was born innocent. Like many other children at that time, he was destructively raised by his parents. Later, he would become a monster. He was a survivor of the engine of destruction known in turn-of-the-century Germany as child rearing. It was what I call the hidden concentration camp of childhood, the one that may never be brought to light…

It is our access to the truth that can enable us to prevent such people, who yearn for the “order” spawned by violence, from realizing their destructive plans. Fascism will have had its day once society ceases to deny the knowledge we already possess about the production of brutality, violence, and dehumanization in childhood and minimize its dangers. Once this has happened, it won’t have a chance in this society. It is not enough to unmask Stalinism and Nazism as mere lies. As long as we…

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