There is no pressure to transition…There is no pressure to transition…There is no pressure to transition…

Do what’s best for you, do what is going to make you feel better, and sod what anyone else thinks, they’re not the ones who are living you’re life. TERF’s complain of society’s “rules” restricting behaviour, and then they do the same thing by trying to restrict the behaviour of others. Only you can say if you’re trans or not, and only you can do something about it, whatever that happens to be. Be honest and be true to yourself. You don’t like having breast? Have them removed , doesn’t mean you have to take either box that says male or female. Be the best you you can be, as there’s only ever going to be one of them.


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Questioning if trans is different than butch?(self.asktransgender)

submitted 6 hours ago by mrhorseass

I’ve always been gender non-conforming, like acting like a tomboy and preferring male clothing. During puberty I felt intense distress about getting breasts and curves. Throughout my life I felt masculine and comfortable with a flat chest so puberty was very hard to go through. As a result of this I wore baggy clothing and jackets during the summers. I have strong feelings of body dysphoria. My body is my main source of distress. Being called female or she does not bother me too much but my real struggle right now is my body. For a while I was convinced that I was trans but after reading a couple blogs from radfems I began considering that maybe trans does not exist and instead these feelings are grown from the gender binary in…

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