The Spiral of Silence in Trans Activism

Proof if any were needed, that you are a TERF in trans clothing. The comments I make are as thought out as anyone else’s comments, and phrased as simply and as honestly as I know how. I’ve not anything on this blog page to justify being banned, yet you feel the need to ban me anyway. That’s not debate. Debate involves listening to all sides of the argument before making any decision, but like most TERF blogs, you’re not interested in debate, just want everyone to sing from the same hymn book, that’s called preaching to the quire. Is your conference going to be run on the same basis? Expel any dissenting voices no matter how they phrase their questions?

New Narratives 2014: Reframing the conversation

As trans women, what are we to make of a movement that claims to speak for us, when it claims a penis is a female organ with a straight face? A movement that bombards even the slightest disagreement with a barrage of hateful threats of violence, rape, and death?  A movement that calls for the suppression of speech, even from it’s own elders? How did we get here?  That will take more than one post to answer, I’m afraid.

To open this discussion, we need to discuss the ‘spiral of silence‘ and its effect on trans discourse within the trans sub culture. (Thanks go to blogger terfisaslur for identifying this pattern in online discourse)

Quotes taken from wikipedia:

Spiral of silence theory describes the process by which one opinion becomes dominant as those who perceive their opinion to be in the minority do not speak up because society threatens individuals…

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