What is it like to be cis?

I’m glad you thought it was disgusting, because it was. That was the point they were trying to make, by putting the shoe on the other foot. All we want is a modicum of mutual respect, rather than be ridiculed, taunted, and generally treated like sub humans. It’s not acceptable for anyone to be treated in that way.


  I was born female – I know, JAZZ HANDS! PRIVILEGE!

In any case, despite my sweet ass privilege, in my life I’ve been subject to a lot of creepy questions from males. All of them about my body or sexuality.

For as much as the trans community like “trigger warnings,” there should have been a trigger warning for the “interview” I recently saw where Janet Mock – in an effort to further the bullshit trans narrative of “more oppressed than anyone ever” – asks Fusion’s Alicia Menendez some creepy questions about her “cis-ness.”

(And before anyone has a stroke, yes, I realize Menendez wrote the questions – bear with me.)

Some of the questions Mock (a M2T) asks Menendez (a biological female):

When did you feel your breasts budding?

Did you use tampons?

Did you feel like a girl?

This is, I guess, supposed to be cute and funny…

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