Pro choice

Let’s get my position on pro-choice regarding abortions clear and out of the way before dealing with anything else.

I am pro-choice, I hate abortion, I hate the very notion of it, but it is still the pregnant woman’s choice whether to continue with a pregnancy or to seek an abortion.  I do think that in most cases, the father should be notified, consulted etc. but at the end of the day, it’s the woman’s choice.

Now, you’ll know doubt read on a lot of radfem and terf blogs that they are pro-choice too regarding this, but terf’s are only pro-choice when it suits them to be.  They’ll use the argument against trans peoples surgeries that you’re cutting open and mutilating healthy bodies, well, couldn’t the same be said for abortion?  In fact I know for certain I’ve read the exact same phrases against abortion by “pro-life” campaigners. 

It just strokes me as odd and hypocritical, that if you’re pro-choice, that you would use the same arguments against trans people that pro-lifers use against abortion.

Or is it a case of only those the terf’s think are “good enough” or agree with them should have the right to choose what to do with their own bodies?


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