Valid reasons for abortion

Abortion doesn’t seem to be the big issue in the UK that it is in the USA. In the USA the issue is tossed around like the proverbial football by politicians of all colours. The pro-lifers tend to be republicans, and the pro-choicers tending to be democrats. I really don’t care about the political argument cos it’s really all bullshit to score political points. What I do care about is the women considering abortion, and getting that abortion if that’s what they need it choose to do, but, don’t think that means I like abortion, I hate it, but it’s a necessary evil. (That’s another thing about the pro-lifers that pisses me off, they want to get rid of abortion, but they also don’t want to educate kids about sex so they don’t need to go looking for an abortion or get std’s or similar on the first friggin’ place!!’).

Now, in the UK, you can’t just get an abortion on demand, you have to have valid reasons and a psych evaluation I think (please correct me if I’m wrong), but anyone that really wants an abortion gets one as long as they’re within the legal time frame (I think that’s 20 something weeks). I’m not going to say what I think are and aren’t valid reasons, that’s upto the woman / girl seeking the abortion, but there is one reason that I can find no validity in, no justification in, and just boils my piss. There’s a woman called Josie Cunningham, who famously had a breast op (reports I’ve read said an increase and a decrease but check for yourself) on the NHS saying her life had been ruined as she was flat chested. Now, I don’t have an issue with her having a breast augmentation or reduction on the NHS, I’ve had an augmentation myself a few years ago for different reasons, and even though it appears she’s had it done to further her modelling career, that’s good enough reason right? Anyway? She’s tweeted a picture of her babies scan, said she’s glad the father is a doctor or a footballer and not a big issue seller with no money. I sound like I’m making judgements here on her life and I’m really trying not to but it’s hard not to. All that I can forgive, it’s not my place to forgive, she should rightly tell me to fuck right off with my forgiveness, no, what I can’t forgive and can’t justify in any way possible is her reason for wanting an abortion if her unborn baby.

She wants to appear on Channel 5’s Big Brother to get famous / rich and she can’t do that if she’s pregnant.

I’m already lying down in bed unable to sleep so I think I’ll just take this extra pillow here and scream into it so I don’t disturb my neighbours.


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