Will we be more vocal as gay men if Trans men start demanding we sleep with them?

Some lesbians and gay who don’t want to be intimate with trans people who identify as gay ARE bigots, and some AREN’T. When you see someone you’re attracted to, what do you see? Do you see them naked or wearing clothes? My guess would be that 99% of the time they’re wearing clothes, and where they’re sex identifying parts are, they could have a box of chocolates for all you know till they’re naked in front of you. If you’re attracted to someone and then you find out they’re trans, are you going to say you don’t want to go any further? Sometimes that might be an easy decision to make, and sometimes not. Your choice of language and the actions you take make you transphobic or not. If I was to say I wouldn’t be intimate with someone of a different skin colour to me, would that make me racist? It may do, or it may not do. Look, anyone getting all shitty and up in your face because you won’t shag them is in my opinion an arsehole anyway and you’re best staying well clear. But it does seem you’re judging a whole library by one or a few books.


My earlier post asking other gay men to really take up the issue of our lesbian sisters being called “bigots” by trans women(M2T) for not sexually or romantically engaging with them. Step back and look closer: Heterosexual Males ganging up on lesbian women for not sleeping with them. Males who hold an ideology that their power of “identity” can transcend most physical realities, and as such they are as much a valid lesbian as a born female lesbian, and if this falls into question with a female born lesbian she is a transphobic bigot.

Quite a few people have made mention of my focus seemingly solely on trans women. Because of this they like to call me a “transmisogynist” in lieu of just plain ole “transphobic”. Don’t worry though, I get that too. The focus on trans women over trans men(F2T) is due primarily for two reasons. The first being…

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