having been a man, I can say this with some authority.

I was thinking something similar to this the other day, and I’m struggling to think how to phrase it properly so please take that into account. People that didn’t know us previously, will treat us based on how they perceive us (so just for arguments sake, the people around have no idea the person is trans). They will treat that person in the way they treat other people of the same sex, characteristics etc. Now, we ad trans people, won’t get treated any different to anyone else, but, we will notice more, that we are being treated differently to how we used to be treated, whether that’s good or bad. I can imagine even some of the nicer things, could at some point become annoying though, or patronising depending what they are.



Why aren’t we doing more about sexism? (self.asktransgender)
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I am lucky in that I was able to transition while employed, and everyone at that employer treated me very well (mostly). I left amicably and went to go work in a different town, where I knew nobody professionally, nobody personally, and I pass exceptionally well. I am out to two people, out of necessity (some benefits & legal stuff) at that company.
I have also just had what I consider to be my first incident of actual sexism (in the workplace; that happened long ago “on the street.”).

I am mid-career, and an engineer. I am very familiar with the way people interact with me, as an engineer, professionally. At my previous company, when I transitioned, nothing changed. With one (somewhat notable) exception, there was one date in which my name changed in email, and…

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