Arizona Elementary School blockades all urinals in boy’s bathrooms after multiple incidents involving female “transgender” children

This does sound like a made-up story, and there’s plenty of reasons why the toilets could be cordoned off, but assuming it is true, let’s see why that might be the case.
For these purposes, I’m going to assume the children sitting in the urinals are transboys (it just makes it easier). Ok, this is an infants school, with children upto what age? At my schools it was upto 11 but I know it varies from place to place but lets’ just say it is 11. You’re a 10 year old transboy, you’re out and open and need to pee, and it makes perfect sense to you to sit in the urinal to pee (from the pov of the 10 year old of course). The school probably doesn’t know what to do for the best, so cordons off the affected toilets for everyone’s benefit (remember these are under 11 year old kids we’re talking about here). What should have happened, was the school or the parents explain to the transboy students, that they should use the cubicles because sitting in the urinals, apart from being cold, is hygienic (which it is), and you explain this in a way that’s not going to upset anyone.
I do think that whether this story is true or false, that a mountain has been made out of a molehill.



Tucson Unified School District officials held a meeting for parents Wednesday – closed to media cameras and recorders- in response to ongoing issues surrounding elementary school restroom use by children classified as transgender, KOLD Tucson News Now reports.

Anna Henry Elementary in Tucson has blocked off all urinals in boys restrooms for the time being, following multiple incidents of girls who identify as male reportedly squatting over the urinals to void, pulling down their underwear in front of boys, and causing privacy issues with boys who were upset by girls watching them urinate. Closing the urinals to all students of both sexes has been the district’s immediate solution until privacy partitions are installed between all the urinals so that the girls can continue to use them in expression of their personal identification with male reproductive biology.

From KOLD :

“Susan Wright said her 10-year old son was using the urinal when…

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