Feminists! Check your friends!

Wow! Are you seriously so stupid / paranoid that you don’t get the point of this? I’m going to assume that no one is reading is friends with the horrible people that we’re listed, Putin, Felps and Tebbit, but the article gave them as examples, did you you not realise this? Let me put it another way. Russia has recently been cracking down on gay rights and there’s been a campaign to try to encourage athletes and companies not to sponsor the recent Sochi Olympic and Paralympic games, with one of the biggest sponsors being Coca-Cola. By sponsoring these games, Coke has been associated with Putins Russia implying that they’re ok with what Russia is doing to it’s LGBT citizens. Channel 4 in the UK, have shown the Paralympics, but also made their position very clear with an advert they’ve been running on their channel about the games “always being a little bit gay”, I’d recommend you search it out if you haven’t seen it. Several athletes have made protests when celebrating victories, nothing like as powerful as the Black Panther salute protests at previous Olympics, but protests all the same. The Formula 1 season will also be heading to Sochi later this year, a sport that brings in millions of dollars to the host nation, which personally I think should be called off too. This is called free speech. On the other side of the same coin however, I have friends and family who have what might have what are considered to be racist views (in my viewpoint they do it not theirs). They’re still my friends and family. I’m not going to stop being their friend or stop being related to them over their views, but I will argue the toss with them over their views if I feel the need, but not saying anything to them, implies that I agree with them. If you don’t understand the point this article is trying to make, then let me suggest to you that you read it again with an open mind, not critiquing every single line, but stop to think about what point the writer is trying to make then saying what you agree or disagree with, because right now, your response is simple reactionary childish bullshit.


charlie hale f word

The following Mansfeminist Manifesto appeared today on “The F-Word” website (the word which cannot be spoken being Feminism, apparently). The guy who wrote it submitted the post FIVE MONTHS past his deadline, which explains the reference to him as being “November’s guest blogger”. The post is “Who your friends are matters” by Charlie Hale. Enjoy!

 Who your friends are matters 16 March 2014, 11:01

Tags: feminism, friends, friendship, guest blogger, no platform, platforms

This is Charlie Hale’s first guest post for The F-Word. They’ll be blogging for us throughout November. Charlie Hale is a Computer Science student and blogger by night and asleep by day. They’re a genderqueer, kinky, polyamorous pan/bisexual who can’t keep their mouth shut.

 A recurring theme within a certain sector of feminism, which we might refer to as privileged, professional or media feminism, is the pushing back at…

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