Waving the white flag.

I officially give up trying to debate or reason with some people, namely TERF’s, or largely them anyway. I consider myself to be a feminist, I believe we should all be treated equally no matter our differences, but some people who complain that they’re badly treated don’t want equality it seems, they just want the roles to be reversed and they want to be the ones with the power, so that makes them no better than the people they complain about, it might make them worse because they KNOW those people they’re complaining about are in the wrong, and they want to do wrong to them like some kind of revenge.

So what to blog about now? Well this blog is about things that piss me off, that grind my gears. Anyone who’s seen “One foot in the grave” will realise (or should now) who the man is on the banner above. This blog is about those things that make you say “I don’t believe it!” and will most likely still be a way for me to vent my frustrations with the world and the ass clowns that make it their daily job to drop a steaming pile of bullshit in the path of others.

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