“Katie Couric’s Gaffe”: otherwise known as When Female and Male Trans Collide

To put it into some context, how would a woman feel about being asked about their parts or scars after giving birth? Some would no doubt be fine talking about it, even showing the relevant parts, but other won’t be. Both views on this are and should be respected, but you can’t be shown any respect if you’re trans?



This is too damn funny. CNN ran an article today titled “Katie Couric’s Gaffe: What not to say to trans people” on the recent topic of how no one is ever supposed to mention that guys like Laverne Cox and Carmen Cerrera, while they may claim to be female, actually have dicks and balls. Hahaha! What is so funny about that? “Gaffe”, (alternately spelled “Gaff”) is the term for the method transgender males use to disguise their dick. Hahaha! Confusing!

gaffe cnn lol

A Gaffe/Gaff is whatever device a transgender dude uses to strap down his dick, from the poor man’s duct tape to a specialized “genital hiding undergarment” as marketed on a trillion male transgender websites.

From Transgendered.Net:


“Method 1. Lying down, pull the gaff up to your upper thighs. The wide part should be facing the front and the thinner part is in the back. Put your testicles up into…

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