Privilege and why there is no such thing as “cis” privilege.

Firstly (and remove this bit if you want as it’s not relevant to this post) apologies for my part in our recent argument.

Cis privellege is a real thing, whether you are actively doing anything about it or not. Both you and me experience the negative effects of male privellege, but can we honestly say that every male is actively exerting that privellege making things bad for us? I’ve seen lists of the relevant privelleges (for the common ones we all know about), and I’ve thought “oh yeah, that makes sense, I never realised till just”, but for the life of me can’t think if ANY right now (it’s probably too early for my brain to be fully functional right now anyway lol).

To sum it up, it’s not as simple as your explanation, I’d say that is right, but, there are other additional reasons too why some have privellege over others.

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  1. #1 by Francois Tremblay on January 10, 2014 - 9:59 am

    “Cis privellege is a real thing,”
    No… it’s not. Any “cis privilege” you might care to list is caused by sexism, not by the non-existent fabrication of “cis.”

    • #2 by oopster74 on January 10, 2014 - 1:21 pm

      That would still mean there is such a thing a cis privilege. Let me give you a little example I just thought of. When you’re out and about and need the loo, do you have to think or worry about which to use? Probably not, but trans people do, as if they use the “wrong” loo’s, they could end up in legal problems, some idiot could attack them, someone may try to embarrass them in some way. Most cis people will never have to worry about that (effeminate looking men and masculine looking women may have the same problems sometimes though, but it mainly affects trans people).

      An example of white privellege, could be that most people believe, or statistics tend to show, that more black people get stopped by police (in predominantly white countries, the opposite may be true in predominantly black countries, but I can’t say for sure).

      Sometimes, it’s just some idiot doing it, other times it’s more institutionalised racism / sexism or some other “ism”

      • #3 by Francois Tremblay on January 10, 2014 - 1:29 pm

        Again, this has nothing to do with “cis privilege.” People are not going to attack me for going to the men’s room while believing I am a woman. They would, however, attack me if I went to the men’s room and presented as a woman. The term “cis privilege” is an attack against women because it’s telling them that they have privilege for being born a woman. It is gender-hierarchy denialism

        It is fast becoming tiresome to talk to you again, because you just regurgitate the lies you’ve been told by trans activists. You are an earnest person but you just seem to have no capacity to understand facts that lie outside of your gender indoctrination.

      • #4 by oopster74 on January 10, 2014 - 1:41 pm

        It’s not an attack against anyone Francois, in the same way saying male privilege is an attack against men or white privilege is an attack against white people, it’s just a term, a phrase. If you go in the male toilets or dressing room, you probably won’t be physically attacked, but someone may verbally attack, question why you’re there, you may be thrown out of wherever it is by management, but I doubt you would go into the men’s changing or toilet areas, so it’s not a problem you would face. When I go to the loo, I have to think if I use the ladies toilet, do I look “good enough” for someone not to cause me a problem, which has happened at my old college, it’s not nice when it happens. I shouldn’t have to think that, the people that would give me problems in there, would be women. If I use the men’s toilet, I face the same problem, but when I transitioned, it had to be all or nothing for me, so I don’t go in there, with the exception for when I was a carer for my ex, but he’s a wheelchair user so most times used the wheelchair accessible toilets (they’re bigger if you’ve never seen or used them).

        Is there some big conspiracy causing me this toilet problem? No, but it can be very easy to think so and get increasingly paranoid about it.

        Please don’t think I believe everything I read either. You might have an “organised trans lobby” in America, but we don’t in the UK. Things are generally less “in your face”, and I (90% of the time lol) enjoy debating with you, as you do listen and debate and are willing to consider changing your position, even if you never do (hope that sounds right as it’s meant as a good thing, but so often things I write can be read the wrong way – my compliments often sound like criticisms too).

      • #5 by Francois Tremblay on January 10, 2014 - 1:46 pm

        “Cis privilege” IS an attack against women, whether you realize it or not. If you don’t like it from me, take it from Women of the Patriarchy:

        Someday you may realize this and come to your senses. But I doubt it.

      • #6 by oopster74 on January 10, 2014 - 1:48 pm

        Let’s just agree to disagree on this shall we? I don’t think either of us is going to convince the other that our viewpoint is the right one.

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