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Wow! Redhester, I’m going to have trouble adding anything to that, but when I initially read the blog I basically came up with a list of words, and these apply to everyone, whichever side of the fence they sit.

Tolerance (of others)



Not jumping to conclusions ie listening without prejudging

Being open to change your opinion. This is possibly the hardest thing for any of us to do.

Respect – this is a 2 way street. How can anyone expect to be respected, if they don’t respect others.

Be a positive example to others.

Obviously, someone has to take the moral high ground on this one, and if we say “I’ll do this, but you have to do this first” isn’t the way to do it.

I’m sure there’s something I’ve missed out, but I can’t think of anything else right now.




ALL comments to this post (except pornography, threats of violence, doxxing) will be approved. The intended topic of discussion is:


What would it take to resolve the great divide between the practice of genderism (“Transgender”) and the liberation of women (“Feminism”) ?



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