For a minute, take out of the equation whether transwomen are women or not, yes, the clerk was rude, we both agree with that. Secondly, if clerk misgendered the transwoman in question, and the transwoman pointed that out, a simple apology from the clerk would have been the most appropriate action, again, whether me, you or the clerk sees the transwoman as a woman or not.

You’ve said that you yourself have been misgendered, and while that has annoyed or upset you, you’ve dealt with it your way, you’re secure in your womanhood. If the transwoman you’re talking about is the one in the photos above, then I wouldn’t have assumed she was trans, however, I would refer to the customer as I perceived them, and if they told me I was wrong in that perception, I would make the relevent corrections, I’ve done that before when I misgendered someone while I was working in a call centre, and I immediately apologised, and that’s the issue here. Did the clerk do their job properly being polite and courteous, and it seemed that she didn’t. Did the transwoman cause enough of a fuss to warrant being asked to leave, neither of us know the answer to that, but how much of a fuss would someone have to kick up for them to be asked to leave would depend on the people involved.

For the transwoman to sue, I would hope, that she had been treated really badly, but we live in a world where you sue first it seems, and common sense has left the building.

I know that when I’m misgendered, which doesn’t happen often now, it’s upsetting, it affects my confidence and generally puts me off balance a bit.

At the end of the day, a bit of respect for each other goes a long way, and doesn’t cost anyone anything.

You think I just don't understand, but I don't believe you.

Being a woman is not about spending thousands I agree, it is about conviction, courage and standing up to patriarchy and the glass ceiling. It is about finding Leda and the Swan disgusting and hating violations of womankind, or indeed mankind. But, transwomen have to work to attain what non trans women have from birth. For the record, I have never spent thousands, I don’t have it to spend.”

Do you find this disgusting? If so, you are a woman.

A news item from Fort Worth, Texas crossed my inbox recently.  Teresa Cross, a Transgender Woman, attempted to shop at a store.  When Teresa asked if she could use her debit card, the clerk stated that “he” could not. This act bothered Teresa because “she’s a Woman.”

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