Gender roles & expectations

A few years ago, my niece told me that “you can’t do that, girls don’t do that kind of thing”, now I can’t remember exactly what it is that she should I shouldn’t do, and my reply to her was, “of course girls can do that kind of thing”, but I posted details of it on a yahoogroup I’m on, and I think they misunderstood the point I was trying to make, but, my niece is currently 12 years old.  At the time, I was thinking, “why is she thinking this is something I shouldn’t be doing?”, that kind of attitude is not one I would expect from someone so young.  The attitude I would have expected would be the exact opposite, to ask why I or she shouldn’t do something, simply based on your sex / gender.  It did bring up an interesting point that made me think – I’ve switched one set of gender role or expectation, for another, and it’s not me that want’s these roles or expectations, but other people, ie society, is making these expectations of me, simply because of my sex / gender, and is that something that is right or wrong?  Well, to put it another way, below is a list of other expectations we might all have, feel free to add your own listing the reasons .


British people drink more tea than coffee, Americans drink more coffee than tea, and the French drink wine more often that other nationalities – all these seem to be cultural things.

Ok, I could only think of one, but that expectation is neither positive or negative, it simply is what it is, no ulterior motive, no conspiracy theory.

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