The image above is from  the monthly north east comic called “Viz” (which isn’t as funny as it used to be).  The character is radical feminist “Millie Tant”.  Now, I’ve been buying and reading the comic since the late eighties and where some of the stories shown are laugh out loud, others are slow burners or out right dull, but they all tend to share something in common with most other comics and cartoons in that the characters portrayed are extreme examples of reality.


If “Sid the Sexist” really existed, he’d be locked up and the key thrown away.  If Biffa Bacon and his family we’re real, he’d be in foster care, and his parents again, locked up for child abuse / neglect etc.  We read these things and understand that to be true.  The comic is meant to be a fantasy world where anything can and does happen.

Now coming back to old Millie.  Up until recently, I saw her as another one of these extreme characters that had been blown out of proportion by the comic to make it funny, make their point etc, but in my dealings with radfem lunactics recently, Millie seems to be more documentary than comedic character.

Prove me wrong radfems, and remember, if you have to swear or use made-up words like “mansplaining” to make your argument, you really don’t have much weight for your argument now do you?  Funny how my spellchecker questions the spelling of “mansplaining”.


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