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Today The Advocate published – uncritically- a glowing excerpt from a book written by a woman who diagnosed her daughter as transgender at the age of eighteen months. The author and parent, Tracie Stratton,  describes being disturbed by her tiny infants lack of conformity to socially proscribed sexist feminine gender behaviors for infants.

She diagnosed her daughter as “boyish” and “different” at one year of age.

Hey guess what folks. People should not be examining one year olds for sex role compliance. No matter your politics, your religion, your horrific sexism, your munchausen’s syndrome by proxy, no one should be monitoring a one year old child for sex-role compliance.

But Stratton did. So much though that she claims that before two years of age her daughter was already parotting back to mom: “Me a boy, mama”.

“By eighteen months I knew that this child, my…

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  1. #1 by oopster74 on August 17, 2012 - 4:03 pm

    For someone who keeps saying “leave her alone” you sure are banging on about it aren’t you? I actually agree with you about leaving her / him alone. The kid in question needs simple things from their parents, love, care and support are the basics. If she / he wants to wear traditionally boys clothes, then let her / him. If she / he wants to wear traditionally girls clothes, then let her / him. You’re assuming that she / he can’t be trans at this early age, and are assuming that she / he will grow up to be a lesbian. Nothing wrong if that’s the case, but you are commentating on a news report, you don’t have all the facts and neither do I, so it’s not right of us to make any kind of judgement on this. Let kids be kids. Tell them it’s alright to be who they are. Kids are the result / product of their parents and society, and won’t pick on “different” kids, unless someone, normally an adult, tells them they’re “different” and “wrong”

    You’re quick to dismiss a kid who says they’re trans, but would you be so quick if they said they we’re gay / lesbian?

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