I think Brennan might be guilty of harrasment and abuse too, but that’s ok seeing as she’s a radfem.


Unbelievably creepy scary dude Reed Barrow aka Forrest Reed Barrow aka SissyKrystalTG, aka Sissy Krystal aka Sissy Reed Barrow aka SissyKrystalHot aka RedheadTransgenderedFox has been sending out threatening rape messages to women on Tumblr ALL NIGHT LONG.

Here is a small sample of his handiwork:

Barrow, 55, of Whitby Island in Clinton WA describes himself thusly:

“I’ve been Transgendered since 3 years old and this uniqueness I’ve been Blessed with has followed me thru my whole life. Most people aren’t sure what to think of Transgendered people or are scared of us, only because they have never been educated to the third gender ( Transgender ). I’m just like you in every since, except I enjoy dressing and being a female as often as i can, and I’m a complete sissy when I’m dressed.”

He posts tons of photos of “the uniqueness he’s been blessed with” wearing pedomorphic female children’s…

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  1. #1 by aerynxv on July 27, 2012 - 7:34 pm

    I do not know about this Barrow. I’m not sure how he or she truly identifies, but from what I understand I think they might be a cross-dresser, not a transsexual. While I do not like the game of “transier-than-thou” practiced by the old GoldStar crowd, I think Barrow probably has anger management issues that are casting us in a poor light. I think Barrow may have been intoxicated during the mass posting, and that is always a bad idea. As for the waaahfems, they LIVE for this, so it must tickle them pink (they’re all white privileged diesels, so pink is literal).

    I’m not sure what can be done. We cannot police people for expressing themselves, but I hope Barrows reins it in. Truly, this is what drove me away from the local TransPitt organization when I first began transitioning. Society takes a dim view of ostentatious cross dressers, even while they have begun to grudgingly accept trans womyn. I have no solution. Oh well.

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